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Medicare Resources and FAQ

Basic Medicare Information

There is plenty of information about Medicare that the government makes available through and, though it can definitely be difficult to find! For your convenience, here are some shortcuts to some key information.

**There are many different situations that affect when you can and should apply for Medicare, and what options are available to you. If you have questions at any time, please reach out to us on our contact form or chat box and we'll be happy to assist you!**

Medicare and You 2023 handbook:

FIRST TIME sign up for Medicare:

Scroll down to "How to Apply Online for Medicare Only", click the blue button that says "Apply for Medicare Only". This is for those becoming eligible for Medicare for the first time, who are not already on social security, and who need to sign up for BOTH Medicare part A and Medicare part B at the same time. 

Have a higher income? Find out if you'll have to pay extra premiums:

If you are concerned about the possibility of paying a higher premium due to your income level, this page has all the information. Basically- if you make more than $88,000/$176,000 (individual/joint) yearly, you may be subject to additional premiums for Medicare. 

If you have suggestions for other information we can add here that would be helpful to you, we'd love to hear them! Email suggestions to:!

Signing a Contract
Insurance Agent

Supplement FAQs

Q: What is a supplement plan?

Q: What are the different plans that are currently available?

Q: What is the BEST Medicare supplement plan?

Q: Where can I buy one?

Q: What will it cost me?

Q: Will I qualify?

Q: What else do I need to have with a Medicare Supplement plan?

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